Update on Rated Referee Requirements at Sanctioned Tournaments

In order to give tournament organizers and referees additional time to prepare for the change to the requirements for local tournament referees, USA Fencing will not be implementing the new rated referee requirements until Aug. 1, 2017.

Beginning at the start of the 2017-18 season, all USA Fencing sanctioned tournaments must have at least one rated referee.

In addition to giving tournament organizers time to hire rated referees for their tournaments, this also allows unrated referees additional time to earn ratings as well.

As a reminder, in accordance with USA Fencing policies, all tournament officials must be compliant with the USA Fencing Safe Sport Policy, including maintaining a current background check. In addition, all officials must complete the free, online Safe Sport Training Course by Jan. 1, 2017.


2016 Youth National Championship Events to be Held in Milwaukee, Nov. 11-14

All entrants in the canceled events at the 2016 USA Fencing National Championships in Dallas are invited to compete in Milwaukee in the events in which they were originally registered. These canceled events include the Y10 men’s epee, Y10 women’s foil, Y10 women’s epee, Y10 men’s saber, Y12 men’s foil and Y12 women’s saber competitions.

To be eligible for these youth events, athletes must have been registered for the National Championship in Dallas and will need to submit a paper entry to the National Office. While these six events will be listed in the Athlete Packet, they will not appear in the online registration as a paper entry is required.

To obtain an entry form, or if you have additional questions, please email nationalevents@usfencing.org. The birth year spans for Y10 and Y12 will be based on the 2015-2016 season and points earned in Milwaukee will be added to the NRPS as having been earned in 2015-2016.

***All six events will be held at a tournament that also includes Y14, cadet, cadet team and junior events


Additional Qualifying Paths for 2016-2017 National Championships and July Challenge

USA Fencing has added additional qualification paths to the Youth, Division IA, Division II and Division III events as well as the cadet and junior competitions at the July Challenge and Junior Olympic National Championships.

Note: All qualification paths listed below are for the age and weapon in which you intend to compete at the listed event, unless otherwise noted.

Youth 10 National Championships
  • Participate in a Super Youth Circuit event
Youth 12 National Championships
  • Earn at least 70 Regional Points during the current season
Youth 14 National Championships
  • Earn at least 175 regional points during the current season.
Junior Olympic Fencing Championships (Cadet)
  • Earn at least 110 regional points on either the Cadet or Junior Regional Point Standings
Junior Olympic Fencing Championships (Junior)
  • Earn at least 110 regional points on the Junior Regional Point Standings

Cadet July Challenge

  • Earn at least 65 regional points on the Cadet or Junior Regional Point Standings
Junior July Challenge
  • Earn at least 65 regional points on the Junior Regional Point Standings
Division IA National Championships
  • Place in the top 40% of any current season Div IA NAC
Division II National Championships
  • Place in the top 40% of any current season Div II or Div IA NAC
Division III National Championships
  • Place in the top 40% at Div III, Div II or Div IA NAC during the current season


Changes for TEAM Events at NACs and Senior Team at Summer Nationals

Per the announcement made by US Fencing July 27, 2016, “all non-championship team events held at the national level will have no club or division affiliation requirements. The Senior Team event held in July is no longer a Championship event and is now an open, composite team event which will be held during the July Challenge. Any three or four fencers that are age, gender and classification eligible for the event may enter a team. They must be competitive USA Fencing members. All registered members of a team must be present on site. All fencers must meet the classification requirements at the qualification competition and when he or she registers for the championship with USA Fencing.”
** CADET TEAM has been added to the November NAC



  • Div IA will be added to the 2016 December NAC in all weapons
    The top 40% of those in the Div 1A 2016 December NAC qualify for Div IA at the National Championship in Salt Lake City
  • Div II will be contested at the October, March and April NACs in 2016-17
  • Cadet Team has been added to the Nov NAC


2016-2017 Season Division 1 EPEE  NAC Pilot Program

“The first two Division I North American Cups of the 2016-17 season will be conducted under new pilot formats that will be held in lieu of the previously used repechage system.

Both of these new formats will put an emphasis on high quality pool rounds. The new formats will help fencers at all levels with their future growth and development.”

The full announcement can be viewed HERE


2016-2017 to feature a FOIL ONLY NAC in December.

“During the 2016-17 season, a pilot event is being created in which a second NAC will be held in December that will be a foil-only standalone NAC.

Due to the conflict between the December NAC (Dec. 2-5) in Richmond, Va. and the Torino Grand Prix (Dec. 2-4), a Division I Foil NAC will be held from Dec. 10-11 at a location that will be announced in the coming weeks.

All other Division I events will be held at the December NAC in Richmond. The Foil NAC remains a pilot event. The Sports Performance Department, Tournament Committee, National Coaches and National Events Department will assess the strength level and quality of the tournament as well as survey results to determine whether similar tournaments are held in upcoming seasons.”

The full announcement can be viewed HERE


2016-17 National Event Fees

Individual Registration Fees
Admin Fee
Event Fee
Paper Fee
Team Registration Fee (online)
Team Registration Fee (paper)
All fees listed above are regular entry deadline fees only.
Beginning in 2016-17, on-site entries will be accepted with a payment of 6x the registration fee, entry fee and administration fee (6 x total amount due).

2016-2017 Events & Locations  (Arizona is Region 4)

Check the link for more info and any potential changes and/or updates.:

OCT NAC – Detriot, MI                                                                                              Oct 7-10, 2016

NOV NAC – Milwaukee, WI                                                                                       Nov 11-14, 2016

DEC NAC – Richmond, VA                                                                                         Dec 2-5, 2016

JAN NAC – Columbus, OH                                                                                         Jan 6-9, 2017

FEB – Junior Olympics – Kansas City, MO                                                               Feb 17-20, 2017

MAR NAC – Cleveland, OH                                                                                        Mar 10-13, 2017

APR NAC – Div 1 & Wheelchair National Championships – Baltimore, MD       Apr 21-24, 2017

SUMMER NATIONALS/JULY CHALLENGE – Salt Lake City, UT                              July 1-10, 2017

2016-2017 SYC EVENTS (announced 5/9/2016)

2016-2017 ROC EVENTS (announced 5/9/2016)

2016-2017 RJCC EVENTS (announced 5/9/2016)

2016-2017 RYC EVENTS  (announced 5/9/2016)

Active link for US Fencing Regional Events



Division Elections were held at the June 12th Annual Meeting.

Your Division officers for the 2016-2017 season are:

William Becker – Chairman

Kaitlyn Fowler – Vice Chairman

Mark Fowler – Treasurer

Michelle (Micki) Becker – Secretary

Meeting minutes are posted in the “Reports” section of this website




  1. Verify ALL fencers eligibility prior to start of competition
  2. Competition results need to be posted in Askfred
  3. Complete any necessary “Classification Change Reports” (form available on US Fencing website under “Membership”, “Divisions”, then click on “Officer Resources” and select “Documents”, “Classification Change Report)
  4. Complete the required “Event Referee Form” (form available on US Fencing website under “Membership”, “Divisions” then click on “Officer Resources” and select “Documents”, “Event Referee Form”)
  5. Email the results (and verified membership information) from FencingTime, the completed Classification Change Report (if necessary), and the required Event Referee Form to the Division Secretary


The 2016-2017 Athlete Handbook should answer any questions you may have about the season.  Here is the link to the US Fencing page with the handbook and updates or changes made throughout the season.  The National Office updates are ongoing so please check it regularly to familiarize yourself and be up to date.


Photos of our current season:

If you have photos of the current season upload them here.  Past seasons can be uploaded here.